Other Books

IIScPress, on its own and in collaboration with WSPC, publishes books of general interest in the areas of science and technology in addition to specific series. The first book of this kind was entitled "Remembering Sir J.C. Bose". Other books are about fauna and flora of IISc.

Remembering Sir J C Bose , D.P.Sengupta,M.H. Engineer,V.A. Shepherd
Price : Rs. 1395
About this book : "This book covers Bose’s life in colonial India, including the general patriotic environment that pervaded at the time and how he became one the flag bearers of the Bengal Renaissance. It also examines the scientific achievements of this polymath and his contributions to physics and plant electrophysiology, while highlighting his philosophy of life.

Indian Institute of Science Campus;A Botanist's Delight , K. Sankara Rao
Price : Rs. 1500
" Sankara Rao captures the beauty of the remarkable flora of the campus of the Indian Institute of Science, both native and exotic, in this breathtaking coffee table book. Each of these species is meticulously photographed and described, making it a treat not just for the trained eye of a botanist, but anyone who is fascinated by the diversity of life."

Secret Lives , Natasha Mhatre
Price : Rs. 1500
" 'Secret Lives' portrays the biodiversity of the Indian Institute of Science campus. The book ties together the twin threads of wildlife photography and science and is made up of ten chapters dealing with habitat, food, water, sex, babies, flight, group behaviour, species interaction as well as the impact of human intervention."

Flowering Plants of Indian Institute of science: A Field guide (volume I) ,
K. Sankara Rao
Price : Rs. 2100 (For Vol I & II)
Books Vol I and Vol II are sold together
About this book:This is a compendium to portray the flora and plant wealth in the Indian Institute of Science campus. 700 and odd taxa are presented in two volumes with photographs: Volume I showcases trees, palms, woody climbers, shrubs, herbs, succulents, cacti and orchids. Volume II covers trees, shrubs, trailers and climbers, herbs, grasses, sedges and cat-tails, plants of water and marsh, flowering parasites, non flowering seed plants and lower groups.

Flowering Plants of Indian Institute of science: A Field guide (volume II) ,
K. Sankara Rao
Price : Rs. 2100 (For Vol I & II)
Books Vol I and Vol II are sold together
"About this book..."

Climbing the Limitless Ladder: A Life in Chemistry ,
C. N. R. Rao
Price : $ 29
" This important book is an autobiographical account of doing scientific research in India. It provides an insight to the perseverance of a scientist from a developing country. His relentless pursuit of excellence in chemistry for more than half a century is a remarkable source of inspiration to young scientists facing modern-day challenges."

Crystal Engineering A Textbook ,
Gautam R Desiraju, Jagadese J Vittal, Aunachalam Ramanan
Price : $ 99 / £ 65
" This book is important because it is the first textbook in an area that has become very popular in recent times. There are around 250 research groups in crystal engineering worldwide today. The subject has been researched for around 40 years but there is still no textbook at the level of senior undergraduates and beginning PhD students. This book is expected to fill this book. The writing is simple, with an adequate number of exercises and problems, and the diagrams are easy to understand. This book consists major areas of the subject, including organic crystals and co-ordination polymers, and can easily form the basis of a 30 to 40 lecture course for senior undergraduates."

Title: A Precious Heritage: Rapid Biodiversity Survey of the Kudapura Campus, IISc
Author: Rohini Balakrishnan Year of Publication: 2011 Number of pages: 28 (Paperback)
About the book :This is an account of a short survey of the flora and fauna of the new IISc campus at Kudapura near Challakere in Karnataka and reveals the vertebrate and plant species in the area. The undisturbed natural ecosystem is inhabited by the spectacular and highly endangered blackbuck to small mammals such as foxes and hares, from the rich diversity of raptors (birds of prey) to the tiny minivets and sunbirds and the large number of native plant species. The survey also contains recommendations for the development of the campus without much adverse effect on the biodiversity of the area.